LifeUp is not a trading platform.
It's the Future of Finance.

Starting with ChatGPT, the era of AI has begun. AI is solving things that were difficult for us to do.

"Wouldn't it be possible to trade?"

LifeUp introduces AI into trading, suggesting a new paradigm. We want to make it easy for trading that felt complicated with the help of AI.

LifeUp is working on algorithms in which AI helps traders make better choices.

That's why traders' actual trading data is important, and we're paying great rewards to traders who provide it.

LifeUp is not just a trading platform, it's a pacemaker that helps traders grow.

From initial trading investment support to risk management, we will help traders succeed.

Would you like to open a new chapter in trading with LifeUp?

Problem & Solution

LifeUp suggests The New Trading Trend

In a market that has become volatile since COVID-19, those who preferred conservative investment have also come across new information and opportunities to step into the world of trading.

However, the trading world is harsh on beginners. I had to challenge myself with insufficient knowledge and information, and then experience the bitter experience of paying for expensive tuition.

Should everyone learn by losing their precious assets significantly?

To address these challenges, we propose two solutions.

The first, PropTrading. Participation in the market with the great capital of the institution. This opens up the possibility of greater profit generation. Anyone can experience prop trading, which was previously only allowed by very few experts, in life-up trading.

Second, AI. LifeUp AI learns the trading strategies of pro trader and helps improve the performance of traders again.

Through the combination of the two methods, we want to present a new trading solution that lowers risk and maximizes return.

We are confident that we will break the existing trading mechanism and create new market trends.


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